No, I do not think your kids are cute!!

To the mom of two in the grocery store, whose kids are weaving in and out of the aisles like bandits, while you look on fondly as if their ‘shenanigans’ couldn’t be more adorable;

To the parents at the booth next to ours, whose 18 month old is reaching over my seat and grabbing my hair with his sticky, globby, who-knows-what covered hands;

To the young mom on the train, whose toddler is thudding his teeny tiny nikes against the back of my chair over and over, while you smile at his oh-so-chubby cheeked giggles;

To the dad in line in front of me at target, whose five year old is sticking her hands into my cart to investigate my purchases, while you give me that “what can you do?” smirk;

No, I do not think your kids are cute!! I do not find them adorable, irresistible and lovable. I do not share your opinion that they can do no wrong. I do not want to talk to them, make cute faces at them or answer their silly questions. I do not agree that their invasion of my personal space is just way too cute. For the love of all that is holy, keep your kids to yourself!


6 thoughts on “No, I do not think your kids are cute!!

  1. OMG seriously, I COULD NOT AGREE MORE! Last week I was at a store where I swear to you, I almost lost my cool – this woman’s kid kept making these loud, high-pitched grunts that I heard long before I saw them. I was so irate I almost snapped at her to say CAN YOU MAKE THAT SHUT UP? I can’t STAND these types of people – they’re the worst, and they only serve to confirm just how many undeserving people have no problems procreating at will. When did it become acceptable to inflict your ill-mannered, screeching, sticky, shoe-thumping brood on society at large? NOT OK!!! Thanks for your post!!

      • No kidding. Whenever there’s a child that’s well-behaved, I’m so shocked that I’m tempted to go up to the parent(s) and say, THANK YOU for doing your job! Sheesh. Meanwhile – ever notice how some people get so weird when you just say something like, oh your baby/child is adorable? Like somehow you’re going to sneak-attack them and bust out a ninja move to steal their kid. PFT!

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