And the moral of the story is…

I’m a few days late writing this post, but I wanted to share something that happened a few days ago. Basically I had a run in with the dreaded evaporation line. Ironically, it only happened because I was being less neurotic than normal.

Monday morning, the day before my period was supposed to start, I took one last pregnancy test. They’d been blindingly white for a few days, and I wasn’t feeling pregnant at all. I was congratulating myself on how calmly I was handling the whole thing, and just glanced at the result to be sure it was negative. I don’t think I even looked more than a single time, I just set it on the shelf above the toilet next to all the other tests.

Then Monday night at about 10:30 I was brushing my teeth and getting ready for bed. I happened to glance over, and from my vantage point with my toothbrush dangling from my mouth, a second line popped off the stick. I quickly rinsed and grabbed the pile of tests. There was clearly something there.

Now, I’ve heard of evaporation lines, but I’d never seen one before, and I didn’t know what it would look like. This was a faint but visible purplish line (same color as the test line). I had just peed, so there was no chance of re-testing, and I had absolutely no idea what to think or do. I scribbled out (or whatever the digital equivalent is) an email to my friend looking for some sort of reassurance. Here’s what I wrote:

“kinda freaking out over here. this morning i took a pregnancy test (supposed to be one last time expecting period tommorrow) and i looked quickly at it, it looked negative, and i set it on the shelf above the toilet. i didnt think about it again, then before i was about to go to bed i was brushing my teeth and happened to glance that direction, and there is something there. this seems like the total definition of an evaporation line (ive looked up google images and it just looks like a very faint positive), but ive never gotten an evaporation line with these tests before. i stil hae the ones from the previous two days and theyre totally negative. i have no idea what to think, and i had already peed so i cant even retest.

im feeling super duper guilty because if it is positive i stopped taking the progesterone last night, i forgot to take my thyroid pill this morning (first time ive ever forgotten), and i had more than a few cups of coffee the past two days. i also shared a drink with G on sat night, but i dont think there was much in there, so it couldnt have been half a shot. im most worried about not taking the thyroid pill. i know its insane to be worried about these things, but i feel like i dont deserve a pregnancy because i couldnt effing hold out for two more days with the coffee, etc…
please tell me im being ridiculus and its an evaporation line :(. wtf, i had accepted this month as a failure, why does the universe have to keep messing with me??”

Knowing I couldn’t actually sit in front of my computer waiting for a response, I got in bed and tried to fall asleep. Instead, I ended up googling more images of evaporation lines on my phone. Honestly, I was still pretty sure I wasn’t pregnant, but even the tiny chance I could be brought on massive levels of guilt. I mean, I had two cups of coffee for godssake (oh the horror!).

I did eventually fall asleep, and managed about 5 hours of sleep. In the morning I practically threw myself out of bed to test, and of course it was negative. So, to get back to the title of this post, the moral of this story is ALWAYS THROW AWAY YOUR PEE STICKS PEOPLE! Ha, good advice, but I’m sure I won’t actually take it…

Also a quick update, the friend I emailed is the one I talked about here. She also had a failed cycle this month, so crisis (i.e. one of us gets pregnant but not the other) averted for now.


7 thoughts on “And the moral of the story is…

  1. Hi! Sorry about your negative. 😦 Just wanted to say, though, I’m on thyroid medication too, and I don’t think you have to worry if you miss one day because it’s the kind of med that builds up in your system over time.

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