Diamonds are a (pregnant) girl’s best friend…

What in the hell is up with all the pregnancy ‘rewards’ out there lately?? Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like suddenly there are all these new trends to reward pregnant chicks, as if the BABY is not reward enough…

I just innocently clicked over to the gap website, and they have an entire freaking section called ‘Babymoon Essentials’. The ad showed up right on the front page of the website. Not sure why this ad is showing up for me, since god knows I’ve never ordered anything maternity or pregnancy related from the gap before (duh). I think it might be time to give my cookies a nice clearing out in case there’s something hiding in there from a search I did in a weak moment.


Similar but much worse than the babymoon (for which there are apparently essentials) is something insane called a ‘push gift’. This is where someone (I assume it’s supposed to be your spouse) gives you a piece of jewelry or some shit to somehow pay you off for the pain and suffering of giving birth. I learned about push gifts from my absolute favorite pregnant lady (can you hear the dripping sarcasm??), whose blog I’ve written about a few times now. She got her push gift a few months ago for mothers day- some diamond encrusted piece of crap that probably cost more than all the jewelry I own combined.


I mean, I know pregnancy and giving birth are hard and all, but are we serious here people?? I mean, pregnant chicks already get literally showered with gifts, every door held open, free food in restaurants, and who knows what else (not me of course). Pregnant ladies have always been treated like freaking royalty, all for basically being able to do something that rabbits have been doing for millions of years. But none of that, plus a perfect healthy baby, is enough apparently. Let’s give them diamonds too.

K, rant over now.


12 thoughts on “Diamonds are a (pregnant) girl’s best friend…

  1. Wow a pendant designed solely for a new mother of twins. You would think that if you were pregnant with twins there wouldn’t be a budget for diamond pendants!

    I also totally agree with the cookies thing. Unfortunately behavioural advertising still seems to require some finessing. A couple of searches for “coping with the loss of a baby” or “trying to make a baby after miscarriage” and all the cookie records is multiple search for “baby” followed by – we thought you might be interested in this [random list of stuff designed for pregnant women, babies or nursing mothers]. Hopefully the technology will improve soon!

  2. Honestly, if I ever do get pregnant again, I think I SHOULD get some kind of reward (other than staying pregnant and having a healthy baby), especially if I end up having to do IVF. But even if it happens after this one IUI, I feel like I will deserve to be treated like royalty. You bet I’m going to make everyone do everything for me! But there’s no way we could afford diamonds – hell, even the fake ones are out of our budget at this point. But, for the most part, I agree with you: for the majority of pregnant women who didn’t struggle to get pregnant, they can just sod off with their diamond necklaces and “push presents.”

    • Haha yep, I totally agree. That feels like rewarding something that is TRULY impressive. And I guess I should say I’m not actually against trips and gifts, its just that the unfairness of it all makes me so angry. These people (by which I mean people who haven’t struggled at all) are already super duper lucky, why do they need even more showered upon them?

  3. I’m tired of people in general being rewarded for good things that happen in their lives. Babies, weddings, I feel the same about all of it. Why should I expect a present just because my husband proposed to me/I had a baby? Isn’t this enough?

    But I’m probably the exception. My husband and I didn’t even register for wedding gifts because we already had everything we could possibly want and I have already made it very clear that if I ever do get pregnant successfully again, no baby shower allowed.

  4. If people want to give gifts, fine. I’d prefer a new stroller or diapers or something sensible for the baby over a “petaled rose” diamond necklace, but whatever.
    BUT… the phrase “push present” is like nails on a chalkboard to me. I also hate the term “babymoon,” but it’s much less offensive than push present. Ew. Gag. Vomit.

  5. Oh, I hear you on this one. I was part of a birth group on one of those websites and it blew me away how women at 8, 12, 20 weeks pregnant would be SO endlessly worried about what their husbands were (or weren’t) getting them for a push present. The whole concept just irks me to begin with, but after 3 miscarriages at that point, I just couldn’t stomach it. I got some pleasure out of throwing a wrench in their plans and asking if they had a c-section without pushing if they should still get the present. Honestly, instead of seeing how silly they were being or how mixed up their priorities were, they were totally worried about that, too. HEALTHY baby= all the present I need to be happy. /MMB

  6. I worked for the Gap in college and can say with experience that Gap Maternity gets VERY few shoppers. So, I’m not surprised that they are trying to pimp out their product at all costs.
    As for the diamonds, well, that is just silly.

  7. PUH-LEEZE, I could NOT agree with you more. Every time I turn around, there’s either more praise lavished at women doing what seems to be coming so easily to most of them and what, for all intents and purposes if you don’t have IF, involves the mechanics that a 6 year-old could understand. But is that enough? Oh no. Instead, the internet is also abuzz with articles about what makes pregnant women better, smarter, cooler, more awesome yadayadayadaaaaaa than their non-pregnant counterparts (because, you know, struggling with IF didn’t already make you feel crappy enough) – or, failing that, people WHINING about how their many blessings aren’t good enough (waaaa, we didn’t want twins! waaaa waaaa, that 4th baby isn’t the right gender waaaaa!). As for the push gift – I’ve known about this for some time and I’ve known women who didn’t even want to have babies but already knew before getting pregnant exactly what huge, enormously weighty piece of jewelry their husband would have to buy as a push gift. Because again, as you put it so aptly – having a baby CLEARLY isn’t enough of a “gift”. HMPF!!!

      • That or to get attention. You wouldn’t even believe the stories I’ve read from others – it’s mind-numbingly painful when YOU’RE struggling to conceive and others get pregnant at the drop of the hat but then whine or moan about it, or just got pregnant for some crappy reason. 😦

  8. This made me laugh. So true. The fact is that pregnancy is just another opportunity to capitalize on life events to turn a profit. What kills me is that so many pregnant people out there actually think they need this sh*t!

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