T minus ONE day and counting


Some days I just love the internet and its ability to enable my neuroses. I’ve been sitting here driving myself insane for the last couple of hours trying to focus on work, but instead thinking about whether I’m pregnant. No shock there, I knew perfectly well that by now (8 dpo) I’d be going completely crazy. But I promised myself I was allowed to test tomorrow, and so that’s all I can think about. Just get to tomorrow, hold out one more day.

So given that, instead of taking a pregnancy test, I’ve been reading pregnancy test instructions (as if I don’t know how to POAS by now!!!) and googling test sensitivity. You gotta love google, bringing together all the impatient people like myself in the world. I stumbled onto this website, where you can clickity-click your day past ovulation and it will give you the % of women (who did turn out to be pregnant) who got a positive result with a given kind of test on that day. Basically, women who’ve used those tests go online and record whether they got a positive or not on a given day. Crowd-sourcing ttc!

It turns out that 60% or so of women will get a positive result with the tests I have (cheapos from amazon) on day 9. So much information, but so little comfort! That’s actually higher than I expected, which means that if/when I get a negative tomorrow I’ll be that much more disappointed.

I’m not sure which is worse, wondering and hoping and going crazy today, or being depressed tomorrow?


2 thoughts on “T minus ONE day and counting

  1. This made me smile as I ended up reading the pregnancy test instructions to fill time and when I didn’t get a positive this month, within 24 hours I was reading the OPK instructions in readiness for my next cycle. It sounds like we’re both information junkies! Fingers crossed you’ll get a BFP and add yourself to the 60% category on that website.

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