TWW already??

So, today is day 9 of my cycle, which is usually about when I start ovulation testing. I almost always get 4-5 days of negatives, but it gives me something to do in the middle of my cycle, and I like to be absolutely positive I won’t miss it. Which is why I was shocked to see two super dark lines pop off the strip today. Not even half-way dark, like maybe it’ll be for real positive tomorrow, a definite positive.

The one good thing I’ve got going for me in the lady-parts area is that my cycles are super regular. With the exception of months after a miscarriage, my cycle is always 28 or 29 days, with ovulation smack dab in the middle. I don’t think I’ve ever ovulated so early in a cycle before. In fact, if I’d tested even a day later we probably would have missed it and wasted yet another whole month.

So, while its nice to skip ahead a little and get that much closer to testing time, this month is really not getting off to a good start. We only had one shot to try (we did have sex last Thursday, but that was probably too long ago at this point), and the cycle is already a weird short one. Can’t be a good sign.

Oh well, here goes another TWW…


5 thoughts on “TWW already??

  1. You never know. The month we conceived this baby I peaked on my fertility monitor starting at CD 9, and ended up ovulating on CD 12, which was the earliest I had ever ovulated (normally I was CD 14-16). Might just mean a brilliant little egg in waiting!

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