Great news!!

Just a quick update. After all my frustration last night, today I got a call from my doctor’s office saying they are giving me a prescription for synthyroid!! They said, even though my value is still within normal, it’s a little higher (the TSH) than ideal for someone trying to get pregnant. My doc said that given my history it’s worth putting me on a low dose. We will test it again when I’m for sure pregnant. I’m really excited at this point, there is at least a chance that we have figured out my problem and things will be improving very soon!

On the other hand, I might be just heading upwards on the hope roller coaster, heading for a huge fall. Fingers crossed I’m not setting myself up for a huge disappointment here.



5 thoughts on “Great news!!

    • Thanks, I just saw it! I really appreciate the info, it helps a lot to hear from people who’ve been through it, rather than just reading articles. I’m really surprised my Doc is being this proactive, he’s usually so conservative and would rather not try anything unless we know for sure it’s a problem.

  1. Yay! That’s awesome! I’m glad your doctor is not giving you any trouble. I totally understand the crazy desire to find something wrong. We had a ‘diagnosis’ of unexplained infertility for about 3 years before they found the endometriosis, and before that I was going crazy trying to find what was wrong with me. My doctor probably thought I was insane asking for all sorts of tests, and all the tests of course coming back normal, one after the other, and each time I got another ‘normal’, I wanted to scream, “I’m not normal because I’m not pregnant! What’s wrong with me?” Anyway, so I don’t think it’s so weird to want to find something wrong to have an explanation and to know how to proceed.

    Regarding the hypothyroidism. It’s been shown that TSH can rise dramatically during an IVF cycle. Mine rose from 4 something to 7 something while taking synthroid, but I don’t know the research on TSH and pregnancy. As for BBT temps, mine were consistently 97.2 or lower (sometimes off the charts) before my thyroid was corrected and now they are 97.6 or even 97.7 in the follicular phase. I know some people don’t consider the temps to be a reliable indicator of hypothyroidism, but at least for me, they have clearly been correlated. I never had any scaly skin or hoarse voice either, but I did and still do have very low blood pressure.

    I’m hoping very much that this will end up being at least a part of your explanation and road to fertility!

    • It’s totally true, I know something is wrong, its just a matter of what and not knowing is torture. Thanks SO much for all the help and info, I doubt I would have ever thought to ask about this otherwise. Even if it comes to nothing it’s worth trying every possibility.

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